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Is Your Garage Door In Need Of A Service?

Garage doors need to be service at least once every 12 months to ensure they keep operating correctly. You may also find it is a prerequisite of you warranty conditions and not servicing your door according to the conditions may void the warranty.

If you does any of the following you need to get it serviced and quickly!

  • Getting stuck while opening or closing.
  • Crab to one side while opening.
  • Make excessive noise while moving.
  • Fail to move without assistance.

All of the sysmtoms above are of a door that is bound to fail if the symptoms are not addressed.It is far cheaper to address the symptom before it becomes a real headache and a pain in the wallet.

Service Technician

For prompt, reliable and value for money servicing of all garage doors.

Contact: Dave Baggett of Skyline Garage Doors on: 0413 196 744